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Joint & Knee Replacement Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Solitaire Joint Replacement Clinic is one of the best joint replacement Hospital in Ahmedabad and other cities in India like rajashthan, Mumbai, UP, MP and more, offering a wide range of services, including knee replacement surgeries, total hip and shoulder replacement surgeries, primary and joint revision surgery both. The hospital has pioneered minimally invasive techniques in joint replacement and orthopedic surgeries as well as treatment for osteoarthritis and sports injury. Solitaire joint replacement hospital is a specialized and well-known place for knee replacement surgeries and provides other joint replacement surgeries also as for hip, shoulder, wrist etc.

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Dr. Saurabh Goyal - M.S. (Ortho)

Orthopedic Hospital Ahmedabad (Joint Replacement | Knee Replacement)

Dr Saurabh Goyal is a leading name and best joint pain doctor in Ahmedabad in the field of joint replacement surgery; he always achieved top position in his studies. He did M.B.B.S (Gold Medalist) from RNT Medical College in 1993 and M.S (Orth) from S.M.S medical college, Jaipur Rajasthan. After that, he shifted to Ahmedabad and earned a good name in orthopaedic and joint replacement field. He has performed more than 15000 joint replacement surgeries In the last fifteen years of his practice.

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Dr Saurabh Goyal Ahmedabad

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Knee Replacement

In a healthy knee, smooth cartilage covers the ends of the femur and the tibia. The cartilage works as a cushion between two of them and allows the bone ends to move over one another, a painless movement. Muscles and ligaments around provide side to side stability. A synovial membrance line the joint and produces synovial fluid which lubricates the joint.

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Joint Replacement

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More than 15000 Joint Replacement Surgeries with Patients from all across the Globe.

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