About Solitaire Clinic

The Solitaire clinic is established by Dr Saurabh Goyal in the year of 2012 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat holding exclusive knee replacement & joint replacement theatres which are best in the class. Facilities at the hospital include Class 100 laminar air flow operation theatres with body exhaust suites & dedicated team to perform surgeries. This ensures practically zero infection & best results. Solitaire Clinic is recognized as a specialized place for Total knee replacement and other orthopedic surgeries as hip replacement, shoulder, wrist, ankle and injuries around joints.

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Our Approach to KNEE Healthcare

Knee care through the professional and ethical approach and personal care is the hallmark of Solitaire Clinic. We are knee replacement specialist with the orthopedic and joint replacement surgery knowledge. We understand perfect approach for knee replacement; because knee replacement is not just surgery but a whole procedure for patient care.

Modest Beginning & Thundering Success

Solitaire Clinic is a well known Joint Replacement centre today establishing many records since our foundation. We have performed thousands of joint replacement surgeries till yet and this number is on the rise day by day. Our doctor's visit to other hospitals talks about the fame of our surgical excellence not only in Ahmedabad but in cities as in Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer & Kishangarh of Rajasthan.

Our Orthopedic Hospital Treatment Areas

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